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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Child’s play ways on how to get straight hair

When you try to nurture a straight hair, you have to consider variety of stuffs to observe. Some get on a great start by making their lifestyle and diet pro their hair care goals. You may also do the same thing and more—try using hair care products that are produced to keep your hair straight while being gentle to your every hair strand making it possible to have the best of both worlds; having straight and healthy hair.

With all the products available, you should be careful not to pick the wrong one. Some products cynosured on making straightening formula in strong chemical form—which leave your hair looking stiff and ugly after using them. And for some hair, the aftermath of the chemical make their hair grow slower like a slowpoke. You might want to stay away from products that can cause dryness and damage as well; these products are made with Sodium LaurethSulfate and Parabens. It will be awesome to get your hair care products from natural sources. It is also important that people know how to get straight hair using their shampoo products. Sure it is simple as counting “123”, but did you know that some have no idea how to?

• Wet your hair and make sure that every strand is we with water.

• Squeeze an ample amount of your shampoo and put some on the top of your head, right on the hair roots located on your crown.

• Massage your hair using your fingertips. Make sure that your roots are well massaged to make sure that the shampoo chemical is being spread all over your hair roots.

 • Put some on the tip of your hair so any splint ends will feel the love from your shampoo. • After doing so, wash thoroughly and make sure that you rinse your hair properly.

 • Lastly, apply a conditioner for damage repair and hair straightening as well. Let your hair absorb the conditioner chemical enough before you rinse it thoroughly.

• Avoid drying your hair too much with a towel that can damage your hair and produce some curly strands with split ends. Also, you can consider using a flat iron to make your hair straight. Here is how to use a flat iron: Step 1:Put a good hair care product such as a styling cream to your quite wet hair. Step 2: Apply on some protection spray against the heat from the flat iron.

Step 3: Divide your hair into some parts (depending on the thickness of your hair), could be four to five. They blow each section dry accordingly. After drying, clam the flat iron starting from the top of your hair all the way down.

Step 4: Apply serum gloss so your hair will not be damaged and the straight look will remain for longer hours. To get straight hair is not really that hard to achieve.
Some find it difficult; others find it just a piece of cake. There is absolutely no wonder or bewilderment that women all over the world fancy having a healthy a straight hair.


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