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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Amazing tips to get straight hairs

You must not forget to read these amazing tips to get straight hairs. When you have frizzy hair, ensure that you cover curly hair upward within the small bun through the night to prevent much more issues in the early morning. this will keep your hair straight and will not let hair gets mroe curl. while using a blow dryer you must make sure that the dryer is pointing downward and not against the hairs directly and this is also suggest that you use heat protection sprays just before you use any hair dryer. This is highly recommended that you make small section of 1/2 to 1 inch wide and 1/2 inch thick to make hair more straight and smoth with better shine while blow drying. In case if your blow dryer include setting for cooling then you can also use it once you have dry your hair completely actually this will make the hair appear shinier, as if you rinsing your hair with cool water. In case hair is actually delicate, make use of a lower setting with the straightener. If it is thicker and unmanageable, make the temperature almost to hottest it may be. if in doubt , always keep it at a a reduced configuration; good for you a lot less damaging. There is yet another type of hair straightener that you can use instead of regular two headed plates, this is an ionic you can call it wet to dry hair straightener. actually this acts just like a blow dryer and don't cause damage and frizz as compared to other. And a simple funda if you are staying at home then why to give your hair needless treadment avoid straighten the hairs let them rest in peace. Do not clamp too much otherwise you may end up with crimp and horizontal lines. The right method of using a hair straightener Instead of keeping the straightener on the hair and pulling down slowly its far better running it over the hair more than once. What will this do? This will avoide the heat being too intense on your hair as a result much less damage. In case you don't want to hold your hair in hands and have hand very close to the flat iron you can make use of paddel brush to hold the hair up and let the straightener go along with the brush as you brush locks to the tips. this will help keep your hand from being burn by mistake. And this tips almost all of us know already, make use of moisturizing shampoo or conditioner to keep the hair more straight and smooth do I need to mention ? safty tips while using hot iron to get straight hair Always keep your self on the alert and try to keep you mind at one place and avoid frombeing burn but in case if do, keep the burned area under running water not stay water because running water more helpful in transfering heat from the burnt area. Don't straighten your hair while they are wet or damp, if you don't have a wet to dry straightener. if you do then you may feel sticky. so this is highly advisable that you let the hair dry naturally before applying flat iron. You must not iron on one section or piece of hair too many times, because this may damage your hair. Using straightener more than 3 times in a week may also damage your hair no matter even if you are using sprays many times. These are your hair and you should learn to love them because nothing is better than natural so better you should apply natural hair styles rather doing hair straight too often. Do not comb hair when it is moist simply because this stretches and also breaks or cracks the actual locks. Rather, always employ a wide-toothed hair comb. Do not make use of an excessive amount of hair serum or even solution; you wouldn't want hair to appear lank as well as oily. Do not keep the flat iron on the particular part of hair for too much time. In the event the straightner is extremely hot, you might find yourself baking hair away, and will also have a very long time to develop back again. Do not utilize hair squirt until you are preparing to going for a bath that night since it is unhealthy for hair to leave on until morning. If you've side hits, do not choose from them or attempt to flick these to along side it a lot of right after styling; you'll be doing it oily as well as unattractive . What are the basic required products before you start hair stragthning Wide-toothed comb Hair dryer Hair serum Hair straightener Heat protection spray Shampoo and conditioner Hairbrush Hairspray


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