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Monday, February 20, 2012

Importance of straight hairs how to get them without any damage

In the time period where looks are given equal if not more importance than character, having a good appearance is of utmost importance. And what would be considered good without healthy hair?

In every Indian household, the elders consider a woman incomplete without thick, black, knee-length hair. Even the goddesses are depicted with lustrous mane.

But have you ever thought about hair as to what it actually is? Is it a living entity? Well, it must be since we see it growing well when proper nourishment is provided... but if you look closely you would observe that the part of hair we see is actually the dead part! Life throbs under our scalp. Here the hair is created as a result of various complex and untiring chemical and biological processes, initiated at the very start of embryonic life.

Did you know that once hair is created, the body does not have any self-maintenance procedure that helps sustain it? That is where we need to use external factors such as oils and other hair care products to provide the protection it requires.

Now that we know what hair is, we come to the different types of hair. The variety of hair ranges from dry to balanced/normal to oily hair.

To understand your hair type, all you have to do is to dab a tissue on your scalp the second day after wash. If the tissue shows nothing, you have dry hair. If it has an oil blot, you have normal hair. And if the strands stick to each other, then you would be having oily hair.


Why do we want to have straight Hair what is natural way of getting straight hair

Every individual in today’s times wishes to create an everlasting positive influence about himself/herself in the society. And looks play an essential role in helping them do so.

Talking of looks one can never miss out on the importance of a suitable hair style.

Large corporations have been researching for years to provide its customers with the perfect hair care products. Today we are practically spoilt for choices and the trend seems to be only improving.

And when we talk of changing ones hairstyle it means ‘completely’ changing – right to the texture of the hair, its color and of course its length. Changing texture basically is required for people with curly hair who long to have smooth, silky, straight hair. We see people of all ages, mostly women, who get their hair straightened in beauty-parlors for weddings and other functions.

Although naturally straightening hair at home is considered time consuming, it certainly is much safer than any chemical or thermal straightening. The latter processes might give instant results but in the long run they tend to weaken the hair and even lead to hair fall.

A very common home remedy is oil treatment. It can be explained as heating a combination of one teaspoon of soybean oil and two teaspoons of castor oil over low flame. Applying this on your scalp and hair, leave it for about 30 min. Wash it off using a mild shampoo and dry your hair with a towel. Oil treatments are considered most effective as it keeps the hair well hydrated too.


Now you also can get straight hair!

In earlier times one had to be contented with the hair one was born with, whether it was curly or straight or if the color was grey or golden – one simply accepted it as something in which one never had a choice!

But come to the present age and the kind of hair we have can be completely decided by us – u want it black and curly or golden and straight, any combination is possible.

One of the most popular hair changing technique is hair “straightening”. As the word suggests, it involves the flattening of hair to a smooth look. It can be done by experts in a beauty parlor or even in the comforts of one’s home.

Shampooing and conditioning of hair can temporarily straighten it out. Also there are some styling gels available in the market that one can use to straighten hair for a certain period of time. For example, during social functions such as marriages it is convenient to straighten one’s hair just for that occasion. We also have hair irons and hot combs which can temporarily change the texture of one’s hair. But one must remember that regular and prolonged use of these would also lead to weakening of hair strands. Hence it is not advisable to use these equipments for prolonged periods.

If one wishes to get the straightening done permanently, that too is possible today. There are drugs available in the market (example interferon alpha) that has been found to modify and cause permanent change in a person's hair texture.


More natural, home based remedies to straighten hair

It must be the hassle – free look of straight hair that attracts men and women alike to straighten their hairs. The huge success of the straightening comb is witness to this. The overall personality of an individual undergoes a drastic change if there is any change in his or her looks. And the easiest way to change one’s looks is to simply change the way the hair looks. By “look” we mean not just the hair cut but also the natural quality and texture of the hair. If one has naturally wavy or curly hair, only chemical treatments can help in straightening the hair. Although it must be remembered that in the long run, these chemical treatments result in damaging the quality of hair. Hence one must be judicious in their use.

Some of the more natural, home based remedies to straighten hair are listed below :

1. Milk, when massaged well into the scalp and after leaving it on for approximately 10 minutes, if washed using a mild shampoo, can help in straightening slightly wavy of less curly hair.

2. Massage your scalp with hot oil (best results with coconut oil) and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then comb well with a wide tooth comb and keep it covered with a hot towel for about 30 minutes or so. This works on the same technique as straightener. It provides moisture to your follicles, which relaxes your curls and waves.

If you follow these tips regularly, you would observe your hair becoming more sleek if not completely straight.


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